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What is PDA?

What is PDA?

System for acquisition, monitoring and analysis data from production process with goal of maximization of productivity and efficiency.

Serious savings i growth of production are hidden in informations that are always there, but they were not or collected or processed in the appropriate way.
PDA creates true image about developments in production flows and allows You to make right decision in the right time.

All information in one place

Advantage of usage of PDA system, beside collecting data on its own, is possibility of integration with existing software solutions that are already being used in company. Thus, high level monitoring and analysis of all KPIs are accomplished, independently from their source of origin.

High level data processing is achieved, with goal of problem detection in the processes. With accent on cost-effectiveness analysis for problem solutions, resulting in real state of process and right business decisions can be made.

Modular system

Informations system PDA basic components are modules for failure managing in production process and for monitoring production efficiency. Both modules can be connected in one whole unit, resulting in control center GDA for monitoring KPI for production process, including data from other systems.

System components are:
> PFA module for failure analysis,
> PEA module for production efficiency analysis,
> GDA control center which connects modules and entire system with existing system in the company.

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